Remote Testing

Remote Testing

Our product line of LR Plexus emergency lights act as long-range wireless network nodes for remote online testing and monitoring through EMIoT and the Plexus network. All Elumen LR Plexus network emergency lights are backed by a 5-year warranty including emergency packs and batteries. LR Plexus network emergency lights create a robust long-range wireless network backbone for creating a wireless network of emergency lights for remote monitoring and testing.

Standard Emergency Features
  • Network Monitoring & Plexus Network Compatible
  • Self-Testing
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hours Long-life LEDs
  • Rated Duration: >2.5 hours
  • LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery and Smart Charger
  • Sensor or Beacon Energy-Saving Solution Upgradeable


Harness the most efficient, accurate and transparent way of testing emergency lighting available! Offering an unparalleled level of data and time saving across a high-quality range of fittings that benefit from a 5-year warranty.

Utilising dual-band mesh technology, the Network range of Elumen lighting offer users the most reliable and effective communication between site and office!

Live updates pushed to your phone or computer communicating vital data such as power outages, and other anomalies. This means integrating other sensitive devices, such as temperature gauges and smoke alarms, will strengthen your service to your client-base.

Nothing comes close to the level of details and vivid experience that EMIOT can offer! Experience a masterful 3-D floor plan that is unlike anything else.

Save thousands off on-going servicing costs to help you to maintain contracts and offer your clients the latest technology available.

Live data allows insight into sites with restricted or difficult access, such as 24 hour operations, large sites with multiple buildings and levels or sites that are sensitive/secure.