App Testing

App Testing


Our product line of self-test emergency lights offer self-testing and scheduling capabilities with quick and easy test result collection through bluetooth to the Elumen mobile app. All Elumen self-test emergency lights are backed by a 5-year warranty including emergency packs and batteries. Self-test is the perfect solution to minimise on-site time by eliminating the need to conduct a drop-down test or having a testing switch. Self-test product are also capable of being remotely monitored through bluetooth connection to any nearby LR emergency products.

Standard Emergency Features
  • Self-Testing
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Upgradeable to Monitored System
  • 50,000 Hours Long-life LEDs
  • Rated Duration: >2.5 hours
  • LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery and Smart Charger
  • Sensor or Beacon Energy-Saving Solution Upgradeable

Autonomous and periodic self-testing will have detailed results prior to your next visit for unparalleled accuracy, convenience and time saving.

No set up required. Simply install the Elumen APP and you're ready for hands free testing immediately. No more need for test buttons or drop tests! Your results will be waiting for you once you reach the site.

With high quality construction, lithium battery and adjustable LED lights, coupled with a 5 year warranty, Elumen ST will provide years of cost-saving testing results, all at the touch of your smartphone.

Compliant with AS2293, Elumen ST is a convenient way to bring a building up to compliance where no separate emergency circuit is installed. This also means you never need to power down a site to test their lights, saving you and your client precious time and servicing costs.