Terms & Conditions: 1st Prize (Unlock the padlock) - Registered users must attend Firebox Stand 511 and pick a numbered key from the key jar and then attempt to open the padlock to win the major prize of $1000 cash. The selected Key number will be registered to the registered users details provided on registration via this form. Only 1 key and opening attempt per registered user. A maximum of two keys registered per company only. There is only 1 key that unlocks the padlock and only 250 keys available. If the padlock does not get opened within the opening hours of Fire Australia 2024, the 1st prize ($1000) competition is forfeited. 2nd Chance draw (2 x NRL Magic Round or 2 x State of Origin Game 3 tickets) Failed attempt to open the padlock, registered keys to be placed inside the marked jars (Magic Round or State of Origin) displayed on the Firebox stand and then 1 x registered key from each jar will be drawn at random live on the last day of Fire Australia 2024, the 9th of May 2024. The winner from each jar will be contacted via email and phone and will receive the marked jar prize of 2 x NRL Magic Round or 2 x State of Origin Game 3 tickets, not both. 2 x NRL Magic Round or 2 x State of Origin Game 3 tickets do not include travel or accommodation and are tickets only. These tickets can not be transferred or sold and the registered key winner must attend.  Both of the above prize pools must have registered key holders and these holders must attend Fire Australia 2024, visit Firebox Stand 511 and participate in the competition for a chance at either prize pool as this is a Location based competition and not an Online event. Once we have exhausted the 250 available keys, the entry for this competition will close and no more entries will take place. If keys are still available to be chosen during Fire Australia 2024, users can register at Firebox Stand 511 and participate in the competition. Our $1,000 cash prize and priority registrations are exclusively for FPA-registered fire customers and contractors. Our goal is to draw attendees to this event, and as such, we will not include exhibitors in this competition.